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Construction Feature

Our manufacturing facility is constructed as per ISO, GMP & WHO guidelines with Ultra Modern Infrastructure & Equipments. It is made of R.C.C. construction with concrete ceiling and brick walls covered with plaster all over for a smooth clean finish. The outer walls are of Siporex Bricks which are painted with non-peeling Acrylic Paint. Our flooring consists of smooth, mirror polished Kota Tiles and the gaps in between these tiles are filled with epoxy coating.

The internal partition & ceiling of each production department is constructed by Calcium Silicate partition & painted with Polyurethane (PU) with provision of square/round glass view panel at the appropriate height. For sealing the joints of the glass view panel with floor and ceiling, epoxy is being used as a connector between floor-wall & wall-ceiling.

What About Us
We are Coat & Coat Pharmacare

Air handling units are Installed to control area and microbial contamination. All the precautions are taken to control the contamination during various operational stages by means of providing dust collectors outside the room of every operational cubicle.

Our production department is on the ground floor to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and proper operation. It has adequate space which is subdivided into separate enclosed cubicles in the manufacturing area, blending area, primary & secondary packing room and finished goods store. Adequate lighting and ventilation are provided along with air handling units.

Our warehouse is also located on the ground floor and it has adequate facility for storing and handling raw materials and packing materials.

Goods Receipt Steps

Goods are received at the main entrance and its initial inspection, de-dusting and cleaning get done here. Then the material is transferred to Under Test Area where weight checking is performed. Sampling of the goods is done under RLAF in Sampling Area.


All the raw materials are properly segregated and kept according to their status identification as below

  • Receiving and De-dusting Area.
  • Weighing & Quarantine Area.
  • Under Test Area.
  • Approved Area.
  • Rejected Area.
Technical Resources

Our experienced technical service teams are experts in immediate and modified release solid oral dose development, helping our customers complete their projects - from product concept through formulation development and scale-up, to final production - in reduced time frames.

Coat & Coat Pharmacare specialist services are available in one of our conveniently located laboratories or direct at customers' facilities.